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Privacy Policy

Handling Personal Information

Pokekaru Club Inc. (“Pokekaru Club”) complies with laws for privacy protection, duties established by the guideline of the competent minister and this policy when Pokekaru Club handle personal information (Name, Address, Phone number, Date of birth, Sex etc)

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We handle personal information only for the purpose of use we clarify and declare except for the permission from the individuals in advance and exceptions accepted by laws.

  1. 1,Reservation and arrangement of events
  2. 2,Sending magazines and the useful information from supporting companies
  3. 3,Sending e-mail magazine
  4. 4,Contents confirmation of reservation and inquiry and contacting
  5. 5,Better planning and goods, development of service and notice to customers
  6. 6,Asking opinions and thoughts of customers and questionnaires

Clarification of Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We clarity the important information of the purpose of use and the range of joint users and endeavor to acquire personal information with assent

Safety management

We endeavor to keep personal information we have accurately and the most up-to-date with the range of the purpose of use of personal information, and take appropriate safety management with current state-of-the-art technology to protect from illegal access, manipulation, and leak.

Supervise consignee

According to circumstances, we consign processing of personal information we have to third parties with the range of the purpose of use. We choose and supervise adequately these third parties which have enough security measures for personal information through contracts.

Requesting disclosure of personal information

When customers request the disclosure of personal information we have, we disclose personal information of that person by our ways only with cases of adequate personal identification.

Cookie Policy : What is Cookie.

On the World Wide Web, a block of data that a Web server stores on a client system. When a user returns to the same Web site, the browser sends a copy of the cookie back to the server. Cookies are used to identify users, to instruct the server to send a customized version of the requested Web page, to submit account information for the user, and for other administrative purposes.

Cookie Policy : About setting cookie

・Customers can choose to "permit all cookie", "reject all cookie", "report when receive cookie".
Depends on browser, setting methods are different. About setting methods of cookie, please confirm "HELP" of browser you use.
If you choose to "reject all cookie", please be aware that you may be restricted.

Why Pokekaru Club Inc use cookie

Pokekaru Club Inc use cookie as follows.
To offer service customized by each customers by referring to registration information we have when they login authentication service.
To show the most appropriate advertisements in other company site for customers.
To investigate the number of users in Pokekaru Club site.
To improve our service.
To report re-authentication of password for customers do not use for long time for security.

There are cases when Pokekaru Club keep and refer to cookie of Pokekaru Club through third parties based on commission of third parties which distribute advertisements of Pokekaru Club.

Pokekaru Club Inc. President and CEO Michio Suzuki
The person in charge of Privacy Policy Naotomi Kamada

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