1 day tour, Experience, 1 day bus tour, Special tickets

1 day tour, Experience, 1 day bus tour, Special tickets


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Cherry Blossoms Tour

SKY Duck amphibious bus tour of Tokyo and TOKYO SKYTREE &TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK ticket + Japanese set lunch

The SKY Duck amphibious bus wil splash into the river!  TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK ticket included!

 See Tokyo and TOKYO SKYTREE by bus and boat! Cherry blossom viewing on SKY Duck amphibious bus in Tokyo and visit TOKYO SKYTREE with TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK ticket Kaiseki style lunch included Enjoy Tokyo in water, land, sky ways in o

Holding period Mar.25.2017 - Apr.08.2018
Area Yushima,Ueno,Asakusa
Price Min. 9,980yen(TOKYO SKYTREE Observatories ticket + Sky Duck Ticket + Lunch + Tour conductor)

Restaurant Plans

Fugu Pufferfish/Blowfish Lunch or Dinner in UENO

Full course meal of Fugu

Enjoy tiger puffer fish (“Torafugu”), a uniquely Japanese food at , a high quality Japanese restaurant "Guenpin Fugu"  “Torafugu”is recognized as the highest grade out of the 22 kinds of pufferfish that are

Holding period Aug.01.2017 - May.31.2018
Area Yushima,Ueno,Asakusa
Price Min. 4,980yen 

Japanese Houseboats

Depart from Asakusa. Yakata dinner cruise *Premium Japanese dinner + unlimited drinks


Enjoy a special dinner cruise experience  by  by boarding on a Japanese pleasure boat to get the best view of Tokyo bay while digging in some fresh-made tempura and high quaility sashimi, in additon to all you can drink for two hours. Y

Holding period Sep.01.2017 - Mar.24.2018
Area Yushima,Ueno,Asakusa
Price Min. 10,800yen 

Restaurant Plans

Authentic sushi kaiseki


Holding period Nov.01.2017 - Apr.30.2018
Area Yushima,Ueno,Asakusa
Price Min. 4,980yen 

Restaurant Plans

Special Deal 4980yen! Luxury Chinese dinner on the 31st floor of Tokyo Solamachi (R) Asakusa

Special deal of Pokekaru! 4980yen!

Special deal!! Original price is 5746yen , now 4980yen!   Enjoy a luxury and authentic Chinese dinner on the 31st floor of Tokyo Solamachi (R) Pokekaru special menu 1 Alcohol drink (draft beer, sparkling alcohol, wine, Shaoxing wine)

Holding period Oct.15.2012 - Jun.30.2018
Area Yushima,Ueno,Asakusa
Price Min. 4,980yen(Chinese dinner and one drink)

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