1 day tour, Experience, 1 day bus tour, Special tickets

1 day tour, Experience, 1 day bus tour, Special tickets


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Restaurant Plans

Aged Wagyu Japanese Beef Lunch in GINZA

The delicious and mouthwatering aged japanese wakyu beef in Steak house POUND

 Only a 2 minute walk from Ginza station       Dry aged for 45 days, carefully monitored by an aging master. Aged Wakyu Japanese beef lunch course with 1 drink     The popular Kyoto steakhouse, Pound, o

Holding period Jan.24.2016 - Oct.31.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 4,980yen 

Trial Class

Seaweed Roll workshop & delicious ways to eat seaweed Class in Tsukiji Outdoor Market

Seasonal Seaweedi Art

To experience the Taste of Tsukiji! (Decorative seaweed roll classroom · content of lesson) Time (10: 00 ~ 11: 30) (April) "Koinobori" April 20 (Thursday), 27 (Thursday) (May) "Snail" May 18 (Saturday), 29 (Mon

Holding period Nov.28.2016 - Oct.26.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 4,500yen 

Rafting Ride

Sumida river cruise & hamarikyu gardens walking tour + All you-can-eat sushi for lunch

 UNI, Ikura, and TUNA!!

Cruising on Sumida river 40 mins from Asakusa to hamarikyu gardens.     Hamarikyu gardens is a large, attractive landscape garden in central Tokyo located alongside Tokyo Bay.   Shopping in Tsukiji Fish market in additio

Holding period Sep.10.2013 - Dec.16.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 6,980yen(Fare + Lunch + Admission fee + Guide + Cruise map + Tsukiji map)


Drag Queen Dance Show with Full course meal and all-you-can-drink

Entertainment Show in Ginza!!

Drag Queen Dance Show with Full course meal and all-you-can-drink   Entertainment Show at night!! By Professional Drag Queens, wonderful dance show.   Menu Assortments Salad Chicken with sauce Onsen tamago Soba Desse

Holding period Feb.15.2015 - Nov.30.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 7,000yen(Show + Meal + Drink)

Rafting Ride

Sumida river & hamarikyu gardens + sushi lunch

You can see TOKYO SKYTREE so close!!

Sumida river & hamarikyu gardens + sushi lunch   TOKYO SKYTREE(R) Grand opened on May22, 2017,The Tokyo Skytree is the landmark of Tokyo, located in the Sumida City Ward, not far away from Asakusa. With a height of 634 meters, it is

Holding period Jan.19.2013 - Dec.09.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 5,980yen(Guide + Fare + Lunch + Admission fee)

Restaurant Plans

3980yen! Premium French lunch at Tokyo Marunouchi

Great atmosphere and authentic french cuisine

Enjoy a french lunch at  Marunouchi building, Tokyo. You can choose a main dish! Special offer 3980 yen including 1 glass of wine! Original price: Lunch 3800yen + one drink 600 yen+ service charge 10%! Pokekaru deal 3980yen! A 2 minute w

Holding period Aug.13.2012 - Mar.31.2018
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 2,000yen(lunch and one drink)

Restaurant Plans

"AKITA DINIG Namahage Ginza" Dinner course & 1 Drink

From 7:15pm Namahage Show

"AKITA DINING Namahage Ginza" Dinner course & 1 Drink   In AKITA DINING, you can enjoy Authentic Akita cusine Kiritanpo nabe, also named Akita hunter hot pot (Rice Stick Hot Pot) is a famous food in Akita that uses pounde

Holding period Sep.01.2015 - Oct.31.2017
Area Tokyo,Marunouchi,Ginza,Tsukiji
Price Min. 4,980yen(Dinner + 1 Drink)

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